Concrete Flatwork

Minnesota Concrete Flatwork Contractor

A slab of concrete is one of the strongest building materials out there. It is designed to hold as much weight as you can throw on it and this one of the many reasons why concrete is such a popular building material for driveways and patios. Concrete is also extremely resistant to damage caused by heavy rain, ice and wind. It is made out of renewable resources and is slip free.

When it comes to concrete flatwork, whether for your driveway, your patio or your garage, it is critical that the foundation is laid correctly from the start. Working with an experience subcontractor can ensure that your concrete flatwork will not fail. At Neuharth Concrete we go through an extensive process of testing the soil, checking the ground and smoothing out any minor flaws in the base before laying the concrete. This ensures there will be no cracks, no chips and no errors down the road.

Driveways Concrete Flatwork

One of the most common types of concrete flatwork is driveways. Driveways are designed to withstand enormous pressure from trucks, cars, caravans, boats and anything else you want to park. Concrete is an excellent option for your driveway as it is slip free and resistant to damage caused by the harsh weather. It also remains cooler than other materials and is designed to reflect light away rather than attract it in.

Patio and Sidewalk Flatwork

Creating the perfect outdoor patio or sidewalk around your property is important. Many people will opt for something a little special after the initial flatwork has been laid. Stamped or decorative concrete, for example, can refine your patio or stairs.

Stamped concrete is a popular alternative to standard brushed concrete finish. What stamped concrete does is create decorative patterns in the concrete. Stamped concrete can be a little more expensive than brushed concrete but there are plenty of benefits to considering this process, especially aesthetically. You can choose a wide range of textures and styles and stamped concrete can look like slate, tile or brick. However, the benefit to opting for stamped concrete is that you still get the durability and resistance of concrete with a more elegant and refined look. If you are looking for decorative concrete, then in addition to the initial concrete flatwork, you may need to look into additional maintenance each year, including sealing and color refreshing.

Regardless of what type of project you are looking into, concrete flatwork is one of the final stages in your remodeling project. It is important that no one walks on the concrete flatwork for 24 hours after the pour and that the job is done with precision.

Trust the Team at Neuharth Concrete

When it comes to any concrete flatwork project, whether you are looking into a new driveway or want to add stamped concrete to your outdoor patio, it is critical that you work with a licensed Minnesota concrete contractor.  Neuharth Concrete is a leading name in concrete flatwork across Minnesota. For more information about any concrete project for your home, contact Minnesota concrete driveway experts, Neuharth Concrete today at 612-366-3400.