Hopkins Concrete Contractor

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Concrete is one of the most popular building materials out there. It is used on homes, on large buildings, on bridges and for foundations. The reason that concrete is so popular is because it is incredibly strong. It can handle all sorts of hazards from sun and heavy rain to extreme pressure and weight. Concrete is designed to last all the while providing a beautiful finish. If you are considering a concrete driveway, concrete deck or patio or concrete steps or walkways around your home, then Neuharth Concrete can help.

Neuharth Concrete is a leading Hopkins concrete company with several years of experience. We specialize in personalizing your property and ensuring the best look for your outdoor area.

Personalize your Home

One of the things about concrete is that it is incredibly versatile. Stamped concrete, for example, can take on many different textures and is designed to emulate more expensive materials such as brick, tile and slate. However, stamped concrete still provides your home with the same durability and resistance that these other materials lack. Stamped concrete can be textured any way you like and come in a number of different patterns. You can choose to decorate your outdoor area anyway you wish for a fraction of the cost of other building materials out there. You can add decorative concrete to any concrete area including steps, sidewalks and walkways and decks.

Another way to personalize your concrete area is with epoxy floor surfacing. Epoxy floor surfacing offers extra protection and shine to your home. It is easy to install and can ensure that your outdoor area remains shiny and polished for years to come. Epoxy surfaces are easy to maintain and clean and are resistant to damage from sun, hail, ice and spills such as oil. Epoxy surfaces are popular in garages, driveways, sidewalks, patios and in commercial kitchens, design and showrooms and more.

Hopkins Concrete Driveway Contractor

One of the main reasons our customers contact us to because their driveway is sinking. This is a common problem and usually occurs because the foundation was not properly checked before the concrete was laid. The good news is that it is possible to replace the damaged concrete without having to go through the whole process all over again. We can repair sunken driveways and replace the damaged area for a fraction of the cost of a new driveway. If you have noticed that your driveway is sinking or if it is chipping or cracking then contact our team today. We offer a free quote and can determine the best way to go about your driveway replacement.

The contractor you choose for your concrete driveway project will make all the difference to the quality and precision of the job. Trust the licensed and experienced professionals at Neuharth Concrete. For more information about any concrete project for your home, contact Hopkins concrete driveway contractors, Neuharth Concrete today at 612-366-3400.