St Louis Park Concrete Contractor

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If you are looking to add a concrete foundation to your property, regardless of the reason and the area, then Neuharth Concrete can certainly help. We are a leading name in concrete foundations in St Louis Park and would love to help you with your project. Our quotes are affordable and our services are known across Minnesota. There are a number of things that can go wrong with concrete but Neuharth Concrete will reduce all risks and provide you with the perfect foundation every time.

Concrete Foundation and Driveways

You may find that there is simply not enough room in your garage to park all your cars and to store all your different toys, including boats, caravans, bikes and tools. Many homeowners will find that their vehicle gets parked on the lawn or on the driveway rather than in the designated garage. Adding a concrete foundation to the front or side of your property can give your car a safer and strong place to stay. You don’t have to worry about ruining your lawn or getting stuck in the mud.

Concrete foundations can be applied to anywhere around your property. You may wish to use the foundation for something other than just a car park such as placing a shed on top of it or adding a Jacuzzi to this area. Whatever the case, we can help determine the best place to put the concrete foundation to minimize the risk of sinking, cracking and chipping. Our concrete foundations are applied with precision and care every time.

St Louis Park Concrete Contractor Services

In addition to concrete foundations, Neuharth Concrete can offer you assistance with a number of different concrete projects around your property including:

  • Decks and patios – if you are looking to create a comfortable outdoor space, then adding a deck or patio is the perfect solution. You can choose to do whatever you wish with your outdoor patio and decorate as you see fit. You can be rest assured that the foundation will be straight, sturdy and resistant to spills, sun damage and other hazards.
  • Driveways – our St Louis Park concrete company can replace old cracked and sunken driveways as well as design the right driveway for new homes and structures. Whether your driveway is long and straight or short and curvy, we can help.
  • Walkways and sidewalks – adding a walkway around your property is an easy project that provides your house with beauty and safety. Stop damaging your garden every time you leave the front door and reduce the risks of falling in the dark with a walkway that guides you and your guests to the door. We can also provide you with concrete steps around your home.

Get Started Today

Concrete comes with so many different benefits for homeowners. It is durable, beautiful, valuable and resistant to damage. It will last at least twice as long as concrete and made from renewable resources. You cannot go wrong with concrete. For more information about any concrete project for your home, contact St Louis Park concrete driveway contractors, Neuharth Concrete today at 612-366-3400.